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On these pages you will find manuals for (most of) Gerard's programs and links to other useful O or O-related information, programs and resources.

10 March 2019 - Martyn Winn has kindly agreed to host the USF distribution kit under his GitHub account.

Please use that site as your first port of call. The links below are old and less likely to be helpful.

To download a distribution kit (including source code) or older compiled versions of a subset of 35 USF programs, please visit

NOTE: The download links on that page do not currently work, so please use the following: James Holton's script to compile MAPMAN for 64-bit machines may be of help.

All programs and their documentation are © G.J. Kleywegt, 1992-2019.

Quick Manual Access

If you just visit this site to consult the manual of a certain program, select the program of your choice from the pop-up menu above and then hit the "Go !" button. The appropriate manual page will then appear in this frame immediately !

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