Second Edition

edited by

Terese Bergfors

500 p. — (IUL Biotechnology series 1a)

illustrated,  hardcover, $109.95

ISBN: 9780972077446



Completely revised and updated, Protein Crystallization, 2nd Edition is a greatly expanded follow-up to the best-selling 1st edition. Completely new chapters on high-throughput methods, mass spectrometry, microcalorimetry, counterdiffusion, heavy-atom derivatization, selenomethionine-labeling, rational strategies for crystallization, and protein modification to improve crystallization.

“Why is crystallization important?  At different times, different aspects of protein crystallography have assumed the role of bottleneck.  Thus at one time the bottleneck consisted of the lack of a methodology for structure determination, even if a sufficient number of diffraction intensities were available for structure solution.  With the advent of powerful methods for structure solution, the bottleneck shifted to the difficulty in obtaining crystals in sufficient number and of suitable quality to do the diffraction experiment.  The present book is dedicated to the problem of describing current methods for protein crystallization and describing them as clear laboratory protocols.”

Dr. Herbert A. Hauptman, Nobel Laureate in Chemistry


“This is an essential handbook for anyone engaged in crystallization of macromolecules.  It is exceptionally well organized and illustrated and has contributions from all the leaders in what continues to be a challenging and critically important field.”

Dr. William L. Duax, American Crystallographic Association, Executive Officer




1. Some Words of Advice from an Old Hand
Alexander McPherson

2. Rational Selection of Crystallization Techniques

Joseph R. Luft and George T. DeTitta

3. Automation for Crystallization: Practical Considerations in Choosing a System

Joseph R. Luft and George T. DeTitta

4. Oils for Screening and Optimization
Naomi E. Chayen

5. Crystallization in Gels and Capillaries
Juan M. García­-Ruiz

6. Seeding
Aengus Mac Sweeney and Allan D’Arcy

7. Heavy-Atom Derivatization
Zbigniew Dauter and Mirosława Dauter

8. Preparation and Crystallization of Selenomethionine Protein

Anna M. Larsson

9. Crystal Handling for Cryogenic Data Collection

Elspeth F. Garman


10. Interpretation of the Crystallization Drop Results
Johan Philip Zeelen

11. Mass Spectrometry Applications in Protein Crystallography

Sharon X. Gao and Marie Zhang

12. Dynamic Light Scattering
Ulf Nobbmann and Terese Bergfors

13. Improving Protein Crystallizability by Modifications and Engineering

Xiayang Qiu and Cheryl A. Janson

14. Handling the Protein Sample
Terese Bergfors

15. Two Approaches for Initial Screening: Evolution and Intelligent Design
Janet Newman

16. Strategies for Protein Crystallization Screening

Bernhard Rupp

17. Additives and Microcalorimetric Approaches for Optimization of Crystallization
Joanne I. Yeh



Terese Bergfors