Terese Bergfors

Brief Research Summary

Terese's area of research is protein crystallization. She is a part of the structural biology group of Prof. Alwyn Jones at Uppsala University where she has headed the crystallization activities since 1984.  She is one of the eight Principal Investigators on a program,RAPID, funded by the Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research. Her work at RAPID involves expression, purification, and crystallization of tuberculosis proteins and the development of crystallization methodology. In addition to teaching and research, she is a co-editor of Acta Crystallographica Section F, an IUCr journal for crystallization communications. 

Terese Bergfors

Department of Cell and Molecular Biology
Biomedical Center, Box 596
Uppsala University
751 24 Uppsala Sweden

Tel.:     +46 18  471 4543
Fax.:    +46 18  53 69 71
Email: terese.bergfors(at)icm.uu.se

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