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Structure and Function in Protein Synthesis and Protein Evolution

Professor Maria Selmer

Biogenesis, function and inhibition of the ribosome

Translation is a fundamental process in all living organisms, and increased understanding of this process can be used for development of new or modified antibiotics. We ask detailed questions regarding mechanisms of biogenesis, function and inhibition of the ribosome and study molecular mechanisms of antibiotic resistance. We use X-ray crystallography combined with other structural methods, biochemistry and biophysics to answer these questions.

Fusidic acid resistance protein FusB. The C-terminal domain is stabilized by a zinc ion (Guo et al., Open Biology 2012).

Structural understanding of protein evolution

We use structural biology in combination with other techniques to understand how evolution acts on protein structure to generate new functions or adaptation to new conditions. In a project funded by the Knut and Alice Wallenberg foundation, we study "novel" functional proteins, enzymes evolving additional or alternative functions and proteins involved in adaptation to new conditions (adaptation of herring to low salt conditions in the baltic). This involves proteins from bacteria to herring.

HisA from Salmonella enterica in complex with the substrate ProFAR (Söderholm et al., JBC 2015).

We are located in the Structural and Molecular Biology program of the Department of Cell and Molecular Biology at Uppsala University.

We are currently funded by the Knut and Alice Wallenberg foundation (RiboCORE 2012-2017, Evolution of new genes and proteins 2016-2021) and VR (Swedish research council); project grant and Environment grant (An integrated environment for Ribosome Research).

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