Each group should send me (mowbray@xray.bmc.uu.se) *short* answers to the following questions, before kl 13 on Monday (include your group number in the Subject field of the mail):


1. Download an apo form of the enzyme from the PDB (entry code: 3K7O). Give a one or two-sentence description of the protein.


2. Find the active site; name one residue at this place. Say why you think this is the active site.


3. Find an interesting complex of this enzyme, and say why this one is informative.


4. Suggest two mutations that will probably change catalytic activity. Motivate your choices.


5. Suggest one mutation that will probably change substrate binding. Motivate your choice.


6. Was it easier to use the complex structure to answer the questions above?


The ppt file file from Friday is linked here.


Copyright 2011 Sherry Mowbray, Uppsala University