The home page of Margareta Ingelman

Margareta Ingelman
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
Department of Molecular Biology
Uppsala Biomedical Centre
P.O. Box 590
S-751 24 Uppsala, Sweden
Phone: +46-18-471 45 35 Fax: +46-18-53 69 71

Research interests:

I am working in the field of protein structures and protein crystallography
with focus on purification and crystallisation of proteins.
My main research interest has been flavo(ferre)doxin reductases and flavin reductases.
Here are pictures of some structures that we have solved.
  • Structure of flavodoxin reductase from E.coli.
  • Structure of flavin reductase from E.coli.

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  • BI1032 (Biochemistry I)
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  • BI0856 (Biokemi, Mikrobiologi, Cellbiologi)
  • BI0860 (Protein Technology)
  • BI0742 (Methods in Protein Chemistry)

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  • KE7001 (Per3)
  • KE7001 (Per4)
  • BI0700 (Biokemi, Mikrobiologi, Cellbiologi)
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