O-on-a-stick - a standalone, drag-and-drop O for Mac OS X

Introduction :
O-on-a-stick is a standalone, drag-and-drop implementation of Alwyn Jones' molecular-modelling program O. It is a droplet that allows Mac OS X users to use O without having to install the program and its dictionaries, and without having to know about Unix command-line instructions. It is particularly useful for occasional users and for those who would just like to look at the results from servers that output results as O tarballs (for examples of some of these servers in Uppsala, see the bottom of this page).

System requirements :
Mac OS X v10.4 or later. Universal binary - Intel or PowerPC.

Usage :
Drag and drop an O file on to the application, and O will open in the parent folder of the file, then execute the O file.
Drag a folder, and O will open in that folder, awaiting your instructions.
Subsequent file saving will be done to the appropriate folder.

If a folder contains an on_startup file, instructions in that file will be executed before anything else, as usual.
Folders that are extracted from the tarballs from our servers contain on_startup files that do everything that is needed to display the results, so these folders can simply be dropped on to the application.

Double clicking on the application opens a window showing the O version that it contains, along with minimal instructions for its use.

Environment variables :
If you want to use the batch system in O, or if you have stereoscopic hardware, then you will need to set some environment variables for O-on-a-stick. This you do by dropping a file called "o.env" on to the application, and that file should contain environment variable statements with the usual C-shell syntax, eg :
setenv OBAT /mydisk/mydir
setenv OTMP /mydisk/myotherdir
setenv STEREO ON

The application will remember these envs until you download a new version, or drop another o.env file.

Known issues :

Licencing :
Alwyn Jones provides Macintosh versions of O free of charge, and blesses the free distribution of this version.

Download :
The droplet is a single Mac OS X application bundle, which you can download as a compressed tar archive. Simply download to your mac and double-click on the tar file to get your droplet, which you can then move anywhere you want. You can even carry a copy on a memory stick take it on holiday with you (hence its name).

Download latest O-on-a-stick (O version 13.0.0, Build 090421)

Links :

Alwyn Jones O pages

Mark Harris email

Mark Harris Home Page

Thanks to Sveinbjorn Thordarson for Platypus, which was used to create the droplet.

Uppsala servers that output O-tarballs :

EDS, the Uppsala Electron Density Server

AuStrAliS - The Automated Structural Alignment Server

CavitySearch - Find cavities and tunnels in proteins

Morphtician - Morph between protein chain conformations

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