Supplementary material

This page contains links to the supplementary material related to the paper: M Novotny, D Madsen and GJ Kleywegt (2003). An evaluation of protein-fold-comparison servers. Proteins, in press.

The entire set of results that we obtained during the evaluation of eleven structure-comparison servers are presented here.

Nota Bene ! The functionality results as discussed in the paper are based on our observations in the Autumn and Winter of 2001 and the Spring of 2002. They are available by following the links to the "original results". However, a number of servers have undergone major development since then, so just prior to the publication of the paper we have updated our description of the functionality issues. We recommend users to follow the links to the more recent set of results (unless they are interested in the actual results that were used while writing the paper). Obviously, servers may continue to develop, so even the November 2003 results represent merely a snapshot - the conscientious user will probably want to check out the state-of-the-art as it exists today.

If you have any comments or questions, please contact Marian.

1.Functionality results

2.Performance results

We used default parameters and databases in the study.

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