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Visit and workshop at Embrapa Information Technology, Campinas, SP, Brazil

(Embrapa press release, 1 July, 2005)
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Research Fellowship

(KVA press release, 31 May, 2001)
One of the five-year Research Fellowships of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences (RSAS/KVA) has been awarded to Gerard Kleywegt.
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USF Upgrades Protein Structure Software; Web-Based Interface Boosts Functionality

(From: Bioinform Volume 5, Issue 2; 15 January, 2001)
The Uppsala Software Factory, housed in Gerard Kleywegt?s lab at Uppsala University?s Department of Cell and Molecular Biology in Sweden, has launched two new web servers for use with its Spasm and Dejavu protein structure recognition programs.
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HMS Beagle Featured Lab

"HMS Beagle" Featured Lab (Issue 83; July 2000)

Kleywegt Laboratory (Uppsala University) - Members of this laboratory study protein structures, including those of monoamine oxidase and anti-apoptotic proteins, and develop software for bioinformatics. This sites provides structural information on many proteins plus lots of images. It also includes detailed information about many software tools developed in this lab.
HMS Beagle Featured Lab

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