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VOIDOO is a program for detection of cavities in macromolecular structures. It uses an algorithm that makes it possible to detect even certain types of cavities that are connected to "the outside world". Three different types of cavity can be handled by VOIDOO: Vanderwaals cavities (the complement of the molecular Vanderwaals surface), probe-accessible cavities (the cavity volume that can be occupied by the centres of probe atoms) and MS-like probe-occupied cavities (the volume that can be occupied by probe atoms, i.e. including their radii).

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VOIDOO is available for SGI, DEC ALPHA, LINUX and OSX systems. Visualisation of cavities and molecular surfaces requires O. Several library files with Vanderwaals radii are provided, e.g. one with values taken from AMBER, the other with values to emulate Connolly's MS program. MAPROP comes with several precooked library files.


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