Uppsala Software Factory - FTP trouble ?

Several people have experienced difficulties ftp-ing through Netscape. If you get an error message, try ftp-ing from the command line:
  1. ftp (or: ftp
  2. username: anonymous (or: ftp)
  3. password: your E-mail address
  4. cd pub/gerard/rave (or wherever you want to go today)
  5. type "ls" to see a listing of files; if this doesn't work, there is a bug in your ftp client; in that case use "ls -l" !

Erling suggests: "The problem with ftp is a firewall or some ftp clients' use of the internal ftp LIST and NLIST command. The RFC which defines these commands is improperly implemented by some ftp clients. Use "ls -l" to view the directory contents if this is your problem. Fix the firewall problem with the "passive" command in ftp, see I prefer the ncftp client program that takes care of the problem."

If nothing else works, just panic ! (Or E-mail our system manager, Erling Wikman.)

USF Latest update at 8 February, 2002.