Vildmarksvägen [*****]

What ?

Vildmarksvägen ("wilderness road") is one of the few roads in Sweden that will take you across a mountain range in a north-south direction (usually this involves detours through Norway). The actual cross-mountain part (also known as Stekenjokkvägen) is only about 35 km long, but the entire road from Gäddede to Saxnäs is very scenic. (In fact, according to the tourist brochures, Vildmarksvägen runs all the way from Strömsund to Vilhelmina.) There are numerous places where you can park your car and simply enjoy the view, or go for a walk. Along the way, you can also visit the Same meeting place and church village at Ankarede (used for Midsummer festivities) or Fatmomakke, walk to Bjurälven river, watch Trappstegsforsen, climb Lulevardo (or "Middagskullen") in Saxnäs (20 min walk, great view) etc. etc. Highly recommended route (especially on a clear day) ! And not a single stretch of dirt road (since the road was built to accomodate heavy traffic to the copper and zinc mines that were operational at Stekenjokk until 1988). Note that Stekenjokkvägen is only open for a few months a year, when it is snow-free (typically from the middle of June to the middle of October).

Where ?

Between Gäddede and Saxnäs (or from Strömsund to Vilhelmina). Some GPS coordinates:

References ?

Vildmarksvägen (© Gerard Kleywegt, 2003)

Ankarede (© Gerard Kleywegt, 2003)

Saxån river between Stekenjokk and Klimpfjäll (© Gerard Kleywegt, 2003)

View of Marsfjället (© Gerard Kleywegt, 2003)

Trappstegsforsen (© Gerard Kleywegt, 2003)

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