Städjan [****]

What ?

Städjan is a strangely shaped mountain that can be reached and climbed fairly easily and whose summit provides a great view of the surrounding parts of Dalarna, Härjedalen and Norway. From the parking area at the foot of Nipfjället it is a 13 km roundtrip hike to the summit (taking about 5 hours; 9 km of this is the roundtrip to the foot of Städjan), but there are other points to start a hike from that may be closer to the foot of the mountain.

Where ?

From road 70 turn off in Idre and follow the signs to Nipfjället (about 15 km). The last stretch to the parking area is a dirt road. From the parking area a trail (without signposts) leads to the foot of the mountain. The easiest way to the summit is to walk halfway around the mountain along the signposted trail until you get to its southern face, where a well-trodden trail leads the way.

The coordinates of the summit are: N 61° 54.998' and E 012° 53.018' (elevation 1125 m).

References ?

Städjan (© Gerard Kleywegt, 2004)

View from just below the summit of Städjan (© Gerard Kleywegt, 2004)

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