Nipfjället [****]

What ?

Nipfjället is one of the few mountains in Sweden whose summit can (almost) be reached by car. The road ends in a parking area at about 1000 m above sea level, leaving only another 100 m or so to climb on foot (about 30 min). The view from the top is impressive. Another trail takes you from the parking area to the top of Städjan, an oddly volcano-shaped mountain.

Where ?

From road 70 turn off in Idre and follow the signs to Nipfjället (about 15 km). The last stretch to the parking area is a dirt road. Along it, you will come across a magic stretch of road - just follow the instructions on the sign beside the road and be prepared to be amazed ...

The coordinates of the parking area are: N 61° 57.610' and E 012° 50.885' (elevation 1003 m).

References ?

A horny tourist on Nipfjället (© Gerard Kleywegt, 2003)

View from Nipfjället of Städjan and Idre Fjäll (© Gerard Kleywegt, 2003)

View from Nipfjället (© Gerard Kleywegt, 2003)

The magic road (© Gerard Kleywegt, 2004)

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