Hoverberget [****]

What ?

Hoverberget is a peninsula in Storsjön that offers a number of attractions. First, there's the privately owned "grotta" (cave), 80 m long and up to 25 m high. Park, pay the entrance fee (25 SEK per person) at the kiosk, and a 5 minute walk takes you to the entrance of the cave. Inside the temperature is close to freezing even in the middle of Summer. Second, a short but steep walk from the cave lies Rämnan, a steep "spricka" (crevice) in the mountain. Third, at the top of the mountain lies a cafe (Toppstugan) and a tower from which the view of the surrounding area is beautiful. From here, a tough 30 min walk also leads to Rämnan.

Where ?

Along road 321, about 5 km north of Svenstavik, turn off and follow the signs to Hoverberget and the cave. From there, continue of the same road and turn right at the sign to Toppstugan. A narrow road takes you to the top. On the way back, continue on the same road as before - since it runs around the peninsula, it will take you back to the main road.

References ?

Hoverberget (© Gerard Kleywegt, 2003)

Hoverberget - view of Storsjön from Toppstugan (© Gerard Kleywegt, 2003)

Hoverberget - the cave (© Gerard Kleywegt, 2003)

Hoverberget - Rämnan (© Gerard Kleywegt, 2003)

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