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Welcome to the home page of the Structural Biology Network (SBNet) of the Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research (SSF). Its five-year mission: to boldly strengthen the strategic value of Structural Biology in Sweden.

SBNet - the Final Report

The Final Report of the Swedish Structural Biology Network, which has been submitted to the SSF, can be found here (pdf). As of 30 June, 2004 the old SBNet has now come to an end.

SBNet est mort ! Vive SBNet !

First, our proposal to the Foudation for Strategic Research (SSF) of a continuation of SBNet, called SBNet II, was rejected. Short after, SSF announced the possibility for SSF-founded programmes and networks (e.g., SBNet) to apply for money to continue their network activities. SBNet applied and the application was granted! Moreover, in the original announcement, the financed period was set to 2004-2005 but now that period has been extended so that there will be at least two more SBNet meetings (2005 and 2006). A letter to inform the community was sent out via our email list (a text version of the email can be found here).

What is SBNet ?

The Structural Biology Network, hosted by Uppsala University, unites academic and industrial structural biologists from the following disciplines:

The Network aims to strengthen the strategic value of structural biology in Sweden by using a four-tiered approach:

  1. To reinforce excellence
  2. To remedy current weaknesses
  3. To elevate graduate training to a world-class level
  4. To facilitate knowledge transfer

In order to achieve these aims, the Network:


The Structural Biology Network has its own E-mail address. You can use this form to send E-mail to the SBNet Network Coordinator, Dr Henrik Hansson.

Regular mail can be sent to the Programme Director (Prof. T. Alwyn Jones), the Network Director (Dr Gerard D. Kleywegt), the Network Coordinator (Dr Henrik Hansson), or the Network secretary (Ing-Mari Dohlk) at the following address:

Structural Biology Network
Department of Cell and Molecular Biology
Uppsala University
Biomedical Centre
Box 596
SE-751 24 Uppsala

Fax: 018 - 53 69 71



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SBNet Latest update at 10 August, 2004.