The Swedish Structural Biology Network (SBNet), a scientific network for Swedish structure biologists.

The 20th Swedish Conference on Protein Structure and Function

Previously known as the annual SBNet meeting, the 20th conference will be arranged 17-20 June, 2016 in collaboration with the Swedish Society for Biochemistry, Biophysics and Molecular Biology (SFBBM) and will be held, as usual for SBNet meetings, at Åkerblads Hotel in Tällberg.

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SBNet - the Final Report

The Final Report of the Swedish Structural Biology Network, was submitted to the SSF, can be found here (pdf). As of 30 June, 2004 the old SBNet has now come to an end.

SBNet est mort ! Vive SBNet !

First, our proposal to the Foudation for Strategic Research (SSF) of a continuation of SBNet, called SBNet II, was rejected. Short after, SSF announced the possibility for SSF-founded programmes and networks (e.g., SBNet) to apply for money to continue their network activities. SBNet applied and the application was granted! Moreover, in the original announcement, the financed period was set to 2004-2005 but now that period has been extended so that there will be at least two more SBNet meetings (2005 and 2006). A letter to inform the community was sent out via our email list (a text version of the email can be found here).

At the end of the show

The "final, final, final" report has now been sent to SSF (March 2009). The report covers the last part of funding and the last extension period. The network now known as SBNet was supposed to run for 5 years but that is now 15 years ago. During that time twelve SBNet conferences has been organised at Hotel Åkerblads in Tällberg and the 13th is to be held 12-15 June 2009. The conference will live on for at least a few mor years. n addition, SBNet has funded the training of 20 PhD students, most of whom now have positions in Swedish industry and academia, and a few of whom are on their way to become part of the next generation of scientific movers and shakers. Without the support of SSF none of these things would have been possible!


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