SBNet - The Next Generation

As discussed at the PI meeting in T‰llberg in June, we have submitted a proposal to the Foundation for Strategic Research (SSF) to continue the Network until the end of the year 2003 (without any need for additional funding, i.e. we're running SBNet 8 years with funding for only 5). In the meantime, SSF have let us know that they accept our proposal !
(July 2001)

The SSF are positive and we can continue the network until "the end of the money", which will be at the end of the year 2003. As discussed at the PI meeting in Tälllberg 1 June, an proposal will be written for an continuation of the network. The former SBNet co-ordinator, Gerard Kleywegt, will do this with the help from the "structural biology community of Sweden". The hotel is already booked for the next meeting, 13-16 June 2003.
(June 2002)

The money from SSF is now finished and we are running the network on the interests from previous years. Probablyand hopefully this will be enough for another meeting. The Åkerblads Hotel is thus booked (preliminary booking) 11-14 June 2004 for the 8th annual meeting.
As suggested at the PI meeting, planned courses and workshops should be included in the proposal for "SBNet II". Suggestions on courses/workshops that can be held within SBNet II can be sent to Gerard Kleywegt/SBNet (address). We should also work to include more researchers within structural biology in the proposal to make it stronger. The petition for SBNet II was signed by approximately 150 people at conference. It is of course good if the knowledge about this petition could be spread. The pdf-file with the petition can be found here.
(June 2003)

A proposal for the continuation of the Swedish Structural Biology Network, "SNet II", is now under preparation. The first draft has been sent out for comments to approximately 70 academic PIs and industry persons within the field of structural biology. Please contact Gerard Kleywegt or the SBNet Coordinator if you have further comments.
(October 2003)

The proposal to the Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research (SSF) for funding of a second tranche (for the period 2004-2008) of the Structural Biology Network (SBNet II) has now been completed and submitted by Gerard Kleywegt.
Since there are only minor changes in the final version of the proposal compared to the draft version, which previously has been sent to about 70 structural biology PIs and industry persons in leading positions, it will not be distributed (unless specifically asked for).
(October 2003)

Our submitted proposal (see above) for funding of a second tranche and the successor of SBnet, the so-called SBNet II, will not handled by the SSF. Instead(?) SSF has invited the SBNet (and the other networks) to apply for a two-year continuation of the old network. SSF have allocated a total sum of 4 million SEK for a two-year continuation of approx. eight networks.
(February 2004)

SBNet Latest update at 9 February, 2004.