Biomolecular NMR and Structural Biology in Sweden

The following list contains links to academic groups and commersial companies working with biomolecular NMR and structural biology:

  • Stockholm area
  • Lund
  • Göteborg
  • Umeå

    Nobel Prize in chemistry 2002

    One half of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2002 was awarded to Professor Kurt Wüthrich, "for his development of nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy for determining the three-dimensional structure of biological macromolecules in solution".

    More information on the laureates can be found on homepage of the "Nobel e-Museum" at

    The research methods developed by Kurt Wüthrich at ETH, Zürich, Switzerland, founded the base for using NMR on proteins and larger biomolecules.

    Earlier Nobel Prizes for nuclear magnetic resonance:
    1991 Richard R. Ernst
    1952 Felix Bloch and Edward Mills Purcell

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