SBNet/UU - Practical Course in Protein Crystallisation

At least once a year, Terese Bergfors organises a joint SBNet/UU "Practical Course in Protein Crystallisation". The number of participants in the practical parts of the course is limited to 20. Students from academic Swedish structural biology laboratories outside Uppsala are eligible for reimbursement of the costs for attending this course.

Information about the next course can be found on Terese's course page.


To present the most up-to-date developments in protein crystallization. This is a practical, hands-on course at the graduate level. There will be extensive laboratory work.

Who can attend ?

Ph.D. students, laboratory technicians, researchers who crystallize proteins; biochemists who purify proteins with the aim of crystallizing them. Employees of Swedish universities outside Uppsala can apply to SBNet for travel and accomodation support.


No prior experience of crystallization is required. Some prior experience of protein purification, OR protein engineering OR crystallography is helpful. The course will cater to both beginners and experienced crystallizers.

Course contents

  1. So many different screening strategies: which one is best?
  2. Gizmos: practical devices for crystallization
  3. Oils for crystals.
  4. Protein purification for crystallization: how is it different?
  5. Interpreting that precipitate: how to read a crystallization drop.
  6. Crystallization in space: are we getting the full benefits of microgravity?
  7. What's on the web for crystallization? Using the BMCD, CRYSTOOL, etc.
  8. How to characterize your protein: dynamic light scattering, mass spec, and more.
  9. Lab practicals will include: use of oils, making xenon derivatives, making lipid cubic phases, seeding, gels, reverse vapor diffusion, and more.
  10. Student presentations: all students will give a l0-15 minute talk on their own work or a selected paper.

Course language: English

Course organizers: Uppsala University and SBNet

Participants: strictly limited to 20 persons.

How to enroll: see Terese's course page. These courses fill up fast, so don't wait too long to sign up.

SBNet Latest update at 12 January, 2000.