ProSAL - Protein Sequence Analysis Launcher

Enter your protein sequence and press the Submit button. You will then be presented with a page with ready-made forms to submit to a variety of Web-based protein sequence analysis facilities. (You can save that page for future use, of course !)

Enter your protein sequence in one-letter code:

You may enter a title for your searches (e.g., the name of your protein):

Some services return their results by E-mail. Provide your E-mail address here (make sure that it is correct !):


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Protein Sequence Analysis Launcher

The following functionality is available:

  1. Molecular information searches
  2. Local sequence similarity searches
  3. Global sequence similarity searches
  4. Domains, families, motifs
  5. Properties
  6. Predictions
  7. Tertiary structure

SECURITY: although no guarantees are made, your sequence data ought to be fairly safe in Uppsala (not necessarily on the way back and forth). The way this server works, is that a little Perl CGI script reads your sequence and pastes it into a template form. Your sequence is never stored on disk here, nor does anyone receive a copy of it.

Maintained by Gerard Kleywegt (home page), who is funded by SBNet, the Swedish Structural Biology Network (site info).

NOTE: since the wonderful world of web-based bioinformatics servers is in constant development, services come and go, cgi-scripts move or get rewritten or suddenly get an extra input parameter, etc. Therefore, not all services will work at all times, although I do my best to keep this service up-to-date. If you experience problems (or if you have suggestions for other services that could be added to ProSAL), please E-mail Gerard Kleywegt. Thanks !

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Brief reviews and discussions of the ProSAL facility can be found here, here, here, here, here, here, and here.

ProSAL was also mentioned in "Drug Discovery Today" of February 2002 (PubMed).

ProSAL - Protein Sequence Analysis Launcher

SBNet Latest update at 11 March, 2003.