SBNet - PhDs

PhD degrees awarded to SBNet-supported students: 1996 (0), 1997 (0), 1998 (1), 1999 (0), 2000 (2), 2001 (4), 2002 (6), 2003 (3), 2004 (3), 2005 (2).

The following SBNet-funded students have been awarded a PhD degree:

Student PI Date University Thesis title
Emma Jakobsson Gerard Kleywegt 23 September, 2005 Uppsala University Title
Peter Holm Hans Hebert 3 June, 2005 Karolinska Institute Title
Agnes Rinaldo-Matthis Pär Nordlund 29 May, 2004 Stockholm University Title
Jenny Berglund Stefan Knight 16 April, 2004 Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences Structure-function Studies of Organelle Assembly and Receptor Recognition in Organelles Assembled via the Bacterial Chaperone/user Pathway
Tomas Åkerud Mikael Akke 16 April, 2004 Lund University Protein Dynamics Studied by NMR. Kinetics of the Adipocyte Fatty Acid-Binding Protein and Oligomerisation of the Low Molecular Weight Protein Tyrosine Phosphatase
Ulrika Magnusson Sherry Mowbray / Alwyn Jones 21 November, 2003 Uppsala University Structural Studies of Binding Proteins: Investigations of Flexibility, Specificity and Stability
Jenny Sandmark Gunter Schneider 5 September, 2003 Karolinska Institute Enzymatic mechanisms in biotin synthesis: vitamin B6 catalysis and phosphoryl transfer
Isabella Feuerberg Johan Åqvist 4 April, 2003 Uppsala University Computational Studies of Enzymatic Enolization Reactions and Inhibitor Binding to a Malarial Protease
Charlotte Helgstrand Lars Liljas 15 November, 2002 Uppsala University Control of Quasi-Equivalence in Virus Capsids
Susanna Törnroth So Iwata 4 October, 2002 Uppsala University Structural studies on aerobic and anaerobic respiratory complexes
Li Xing Holland Cheng 2 September, 2002 Karolinska Institute Non-enveloped virus infection probed with host cellular molecules: a structural study
Inés Muñoz Jerry Ståhlberg 17 May, 2002 Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences Structural and functional studies of cellobiohydrolase Cel7D from the white-rot fungus Phanerochaete chrysosporium
Maria Selmer Anders Liljas 22 February, 2002 Lund University Protein-RNA interplay in translation. Structural studies of RRF, SelB and L1.
Henrik Hansson Torleif Härd 25 January, 2002 KTH Structure and function of the SH3 domain from Bruton's tyrosine kinase
Louise Kraft Ylva Lindqvist 14 December, 2001 Karolinska Institute Crystallographic studies of gluconate kinase
Jenny Cromsigt Sybren Wijmenga 27 September, 2001 Umeå University New techniques for NMR structural studies on RNA
Magnus Wolf-Watz Torleif Härd 1 June, 2001 KTH Structure-function relationships of the human Runx1 transcription factor
Devapriya Chourdhury Stefan Knight 18 May, 2001 Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences Functional implications of macromolecular recognition: assembly of adhesive pili and enzyme substrate interactions
Patrik Andersson Gottfried Otting October, 2000 Karolinska Institute Development of new NMR techniques and Structural characterization of complexes between the N-terminal domain of the E. coli arginine repressor and operator DNA
Andreas Muranyi Sture Forsén, Torbjörn Drakenberg 19 May, 2000 Lund University EGF-like Modules in Blood Coagulation Proteins. Ca2+ binding, module interactions, structure and dynamics as studied by NMR spectroscopy
Tomas Hansson Johan Åqvist 16 May, 1998 Uppsala University Ligand Binding and Enzyme Catalysis Studied by Molecular Dynamics Simulations

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