SBNet - Mentor system

One of the ways in which the Network intends to improve the quality of student education and the collaboration between different laboratories and disciplines is through a mentor system. Initially, all Ph.D. students who are funded through the Network will be assigned two mentors, at least one of whom works in the same discipline as the student. The student and mentors meet once a year at the Annual Conference of the Network in order to discuss the progress and possible problems of the student.

An evaluation of the mentor system can be found here
SBNet student Field, PI Mentors
Jenny BerglundX-ray, KnightStåhlberg, Ogg
Peter HolmEM, HebertJones, Eklund
Emma JakobssonX-ray, KleywegtKnight, Norin
Ulrika MagnussonX-ray, Mowbray/JonesLindqvist, Hebert
Agnes Rinaldo-MatthisX-ray, NordlundA. Liljas, Ladenstein
Jenny SandmarkX-ray, SchneiderMowbray, Andersson
Tomas ÅkerudNMR, AkkeKraulis, Åberg

The following students have obtained their PhD degree:

SBNet student Field, PI Former mentors
Patrik AnderssonNMR, OttingHärd, Finn
Devapriya ChoudhuryX-ray, EklundA. Liljas, Lundqvist
Jenny CromsigtNMR, WijmengaAkke, Wikström
Isabella FeierbergModelling, ÅqvistL. Nilsson, Schneider
Henrik HanssonNMR, HärdWijmenga, Hård
Tomas HanssonModelling, ÅqvistL. Nilsson, Schneider
Charlotte HelgstrandX-ray, L. LiljasSchneider, Hebert
Louise KraftX-ray, LindqvistL. Liljas, Åqvist
Inés MuñozX-ray, StåhlbergKleywegt, Sauer
Andreas MuranyiNMR, ForsénOtting, Härd
Maria SelmerX-ray, A. LiljasNordlund, Unge
Susanna TörnrothX-ray, IwataCheng, Medina
Magnus Wolf-WatzNMR, HärdForsén, Kördel
Li XingEM, ChengIwata, Sauer-Eriksson

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