SBNet Lecturer 2001

The SBNet Lecturer for the year 2001 will be Michael Levitt of Stanford University. He will be visiting Sweden from 10 to 20 September of this year.

For more background information, see his home page, and his recent "History" article in Nature Structural Biology (M. Levitt, "The birth of computational structural biology", Nature Structural Biology 8(5), 392-393 (2001)).

Various pictures taken during his trip through Sweden are available.

Upon returning home, Michael informed us that: "A number of students asked me to add my slides to the Web and a pdf file of all the slides of my most common talk is now at"

Local organisers/contact persons:

Monday, 10 September

  • arrival in Sweden (14:05)

  • transport to Umeå (arrival 18:10)
  • Tuesday, 11 September

  • Umeå

  • 10.00 h KE32, Kemihuset, "Computer Simulation: Can we Fold Proteins ?"

  • 15.30 h KB3A9, KBC huset, "Protein Structure Prediction: A Paradigm for Hard Problems in Biology"

  • transport to Stockholm (arrival 19:35)
  • Wednesday, 12 September

  • Stockholm

  • Morning: CSB Novum (Karobio), "Protein Folding: A Paradigm for Hard Problems in Biology" (10.00 CBT Seminar room, NOVUM (6th floor))

  • Afternoon: KI, Solna (details t.b.a.)
  • Thursday, 13 September

  • Stockholm

  • Morning: Biovitrum, "Protein Folding: A Paradigm for Hard Problems in Biology"

  • Afternoon: SU/KTH, "Protein Folding: A Paradigm for Hard Problems in Biology" (15.30, Magnellihallen, Arrhenius Laboratories, SU)

  • transport to Lund (arrival 19:10)
  • Friday, 14 September

  • Lund

  • Morning: Discussions at Molecular Biophysics (Anders Liljas)

  • Afternoon: Microsymposium in Computational Biology, Center for Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Lecture hall A (13.00 h); see separate programme
  • Saturday, 15 September

  • Lund

  • Discussions at Theoretical Physics (Carsten Petterson)
  • Sunday, 16 September

  • Lund

  • transport to Gothenburg (arrival 17:00)
  • Monday, 17 September

  • Gothenburg

  • Morning: Visit at Chalmers; Meetings with Per Lincoln, Magdalena Eriksson, Olle Nerman

  • 11:00: seminar "Protein Folding: A Paradigm for Hard Problems in Biology" (in "10:an", Chemistry building)

  • Afternoon: Visit at AstraZeneca, meet with Nigel Darby

  • Afternoon: Visit at Swedish NMR Centre; meet with Martin Billeter, Göran Karlsson, Richard Neutze
  • Tuesday, 18 September

  • transport to Uppsala (arrival 10:30)

  • Uppsala; meetings in the afternoon
  • Wednesday, 19 September

  • Uppsala; meetings in the morning and afternoon

  • 14:00: Seminar "Protein Folding: A Paradigm for Hard Problems in Biology" (room C4:301 at BMC)

  • 17:00: Wine & Cheese
  • Thursday, 20 September

  • departure (12:25)

  • SBNet Latest update at 26 September, 2001.