SBNet Lecturer 1999

It is a great pleasure to announce that Dr. Ad Bax (NIDDK/NIH) will be the first SBNet Lecturer. Dr. Bax (brief c.v., list of publications) has been invited to become the first SBNet Lecturer because of his outstanding contributions to the field of NMR spectroscopy that have had an enormous impact on structural biology (inter alia). In addition, Dr. Bax is the world's most-cited chemist for the period 1981-1997 (although he did his PhD in the physics department of Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands).

A set of photos taken during Dr Bax' trip through Sweden is available.

The itinerary for Dr. Bax' trip is shown below. Unless stated otherwise all seminars will be open to all interested ! The talk entitled "What can NMR tell us about a protein ?" is suitable for a general audience, whereas the other ones are more suitable for expert NMR spectroscopists.

Monday, 22 November

  • Afternoon: arrival Arlanda airport (flight SK636)
  • Tuesday, 23 November

  • Stockholm (KI-Solna)
  • Wednesday, 24 November

  • Stockholm (KTH and KI-Novum)

  • Seminar: "Protein NMR in a dilute liquid crystalline phase"; 16.00 h, Lecture Hall D1, Lindstedtsvägen 17, 1 tr; Royal Institute of Technology (KTH); host: Prof. Torleif Härd (
  • Thursday, 25 November

  • Stockholm (P&U and Stockholm University)

  • Seminar: "What can NMR tell us about a protein ?"; 15.30 h, Magneli Hall, Arrhenius Laboratories, Stockholm University

  • Evening: flight (SK111) to Lund
  • Friday, 26 November

  • Lund

  • Seminar: "What can NMR tell us about a protein ?"; 11:00 h, Blå Hallen, New Ecology Building, Sölveg. 37

  • Seminar: "Biomolecular NMR in an anisotropic medium"; 15:00 h, Room R, KC, Getingev. 60
  • Saturday, 27 November

  • Lund (social)
  • Sunday, 28 November

  • Morning: train (X-2000) to Göteborg

  • Afternoon: Göteborg (16:00: meeting with graduate students)
  • Monday, 29 November

  • Göteborg (Swedish NMR Centre, Gothenburg University, AstraZeneca)

  • Seminar: "Biomolecular NMR in an anisotropic medium"; 10:00 h, lecture hall of the Swedish NMR Centre

  • Seminar: "What can NMR tell us about a protein ?"; 13:30 h, Valdemar Sjölander lecture hall (P2240), Medicinaregatan 5

  • Evening: flight to Umeå (SK166; SK3044/IH244)
  • Tuesday, 30 November

  • Umeå

  • Seminar: "NMR and Biomolecular Structure"; 15:30 h, lecture hall KB3A9 KBC building
  • Wednesday, 1 December

  • Morning: flight to Arlanda/Uppsala (SK029)

  • Afternoon: Uppsala

  • Seminar: "What can NMR tell us about a protein ?"; from 15:00-17:00 in BMC Room C10:301. This is a symphony in two parts. The first hour is intended to be a more general lecture, and the second a more specialised seminar in a very informal setting, more aimed at discussion than a real lecture.
  • Thursday, 2 December

  • Departure
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