SBNet - Foreign-travel grants

This service has been discontinued !!!

SBNet got some money to continue the network activities after June 2004 but there could not be any money allocated for granting students to travel abroad.

The Structural Biology Network awarded foreign-travel grants to PhD students working in Swedish structural biology laboratories.

These grants were intended to fund travel and subsistence for a trip (usually, 1-2 weeks) to a foreign centre-of-excellence in any of the areas of (or related to) structural biology. The purpose of the trip had to be to acquire expertise or know-how that was not readily available within Sweden itself.

Visits to conferences were not supported, while participation in practical ("hands-on") courses and workshops could sometime be supported.

An application could anytime of the year be sent to the SBNet Coordinator and the applications were reviewed by the original Programme Director, Prof. T. Alwyn Jones, and the original Chairman of the SBNet Board, Dr Björn Nilsson. A decision was usually made within a few days from receipt of the application and was as soon as possiblecommunicated to the applicant.

Candidates who received an award had to:

  1. write a report of their trip (in HTML). All such travel reports can be found on the SBNet Travel Reports page.

  2. claim the expenses as soon as possible, but not more than two months, after returning to Sweden.

  3. be prepared to travel to other interested laboratories in Sweden to give a presentation about the results of their trip .
This scheme was open to all PhD students working in Swedish structural biology laboratories, not merely those who are funded through the Network !

SBNet Latest update at 20 September, 2004.