SBNet - Structure-assisted Drug Design course 2002

Dates: 11-14 June, 2002, Stockholm

The course will give an overview of the drug design process by a combination of lectures on the various aspect of drug design and computer-based practicals. The course is primarily intented for PhD students and post-doctoral fellows within Network for Structural Biology, supported by Foundation for Strategic Research (SSF), but applications from students and post-docs from outside the programme are welcome. The course is limited to 20 participants. For accepted participants from outside the Stockholm region, expenses for travel will be covered and accomodation (double rooms) will be arranged.

The lectures will be open to any and all interested !

Course organisers:

The course will take place at the Department of Medical Biochemistry and Biophysics, Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm from Tuesday, June 11 Friday, June 14. Applications should be sent to Gunter Schneider, Department of Medical Biochemical & Biophysics, Karolinska Institutet, 171 77 Stockholm by mail or e-mail ( at the latest by April 15 and should include a CV and a short statement why you wish to attend the course.

Course plan

Tuesday, June 11
Overview of the drug discovery process Nigel Darby, AZ
Target Identification & validation Staffan Lake, Biovitrum
Protein Modeling Martin Norin, Biovitrum
Structure based design: a case study Christian Oefner, Roche
Practicals: Protein modeling Martin Norin/Micael Jacobsson, Biovitrum
Beer & informal discussion with Christian  

Wednesday, June 12
Disease models in vitro and in vivo Jonas Ekblom, Biovitrum
Medicinal chemistry introduction Mats Larhed, Uppsala University
(afternoon at Biovitrum)  
NMR Screening: a case study Johan Weigelt, Biovitrum
Practicals (Data Mining: analogue searching, Virtual combinatorial libraries)  
Wine & informal discussion  

Thursday, June 13
Indirect modeling techniques Evert Homan, Biovitrum
Methods in drug design Mats Kihlén, Biovitrum
The hit-to-lead and lead optimisation processes Garry Pairaudeau
(afternoon at Biovitrum)  
Target directed library design Sally Rose, BioFocus
Practicals (Docking and structure based ligand design) Dock the libraries created in previous practical. Evaluate results, suggest improvements, build manually  
Buffet & informal discussion with external lecturer  

Friday, June 14
Pharmacokinetics introduction Ingrid Påhlman, AZ
PK predictions Scott Boyer, AZ
Candidate drugs and beyond - research strategies Johan Kördel, Biovitrum

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