SBNet - Tällberg 1999 - The Picture Show

All pictures are available as JPEG files (640 by 480 pixels, some are 480 by 640; file size ~50-60 kB per image). A warm "thank you" to Mark Harris, who took these pictures !

Every thumbnail picture is a link to the actual full-size picture. If you click on it, the picture will show up in a window by itself. If you click on another picture, it will go to the same window.

If you have better suggestions for captions, or know who is in each picture, send a mail to Gerard (quote the picture number(s)).

    11 June, 1999 - The Uppsala bus makes a sanitary stop in Avesta

  1.    Michael Stowell and Tomas Lundqvist and an enormous "Dalahäst" in the background
  2.    Jeff "Decibel" Abramson, Andreas "Lubricant" Karlsson and Kenth "Bubbles" Johansson
  3.    Michael Forstner, Devapriya Choudhury, Emma Jakobsson, Isabella Feierberg, Martin Hällberg
  4.    Not enough hands ?
  5.    Richard Neutze and ???

    11 June, 1999 - Dinner

  7.    Michel Fodje, Jeff Abramson, Karl Edman, Elles Steensma, ...
  8.    Too many to list
  9.    Jin-yu Zou, Tom Taylor, EvaLena Andersson, Jenny Berglund, Iain Campbell, Calle Brändén, and Gudrun Schyman (?)
  11.    Someone who wishes to remain anonymous

    11 June, 1999 - Time to mix

  16.    A table full of Gothenburghers
  17.    Jenny Berglund
  18.    Kristina Bäckbro
  19.    A coterie of Uppsalaburghers
  20.    The Jones's
  21.    Hans Andersson, Darcy Birse, Anders Åberg, Jin-yu Zou, ...
  22.    Talal Gariani, probably
  23.    The Thompson Twins (better known in Sweden as "Dupont & Dupont")
  24.    Mats Ormö and Solveig Viring
  25.    Stefan Knight thinking: "Ouch - today is the last day of my youth ..."
  26.    Stefan Knight thinking: "Ah, what the heck !"
  27.    Johan Åqvist and Hans Eklund
  28.    Tomas Lundqvist, Michael "Nanotube" Stowell, ...
  29.    Gunter Schneider, George Lorimer, Ylva Lindqvist, Stefan Knight, Calle Brändén, ...
  30.    Frederick de Maré. His name spelled backwards becomes Eramed, which we thought sounded like an ointment against hemorrhoids (also considering the uncomfortable expression on Frederick's face !). The following slogan was suggested for marketing this ointment in Sweden: "Eramed - om hemorrojden själv får välja !"
  31.    Pekka Mark and Il Coordinatore di Rete discussing tomorrows's big football match.

    12 June, 1999 - Dinner

  34.    Martin Hällberg, Calle Brändén, Jin-yu Zou, ...
  35.    Daniel Carlsson, Ingeborg Schmidt-Krey, Irmi Sinning, ...
  37.    Johan Åqvist, Anna-Lena Gustavsson, Per Kraulis, Martin Norin, and Torleif Härd
  38.    Adam Kirrander, Mats Ormö, Christina Divne, Isabella Feierberg, and Jenny Berglund
  39.    "Les Plapps", Tomas Lundqvist, Jean-Pierre Samama, Devapriya Choudhury, Stefan Knight, Seved Löwgren, and Torsten Unge
  40.    Lawrence Shapiro, Inger Andersson, Janet Smith, Magdalena Eriksson, ...
  41.    Tomas Lundqvist and Jean-Pierre Samama
  43.    Mikael Akke telling a side-splitting joke to Frederick de Maré, Björn Walse, and Jürgen Schleucher
  46.    A rare picture of Jeff Abramson with his mouth shut
  47.    Kristina Bäckbro, Mark Harris and Gisela Larsson

    12 June, 1999 - The Carl-Ivar Brändén Symposium

  48.    Alwyn Jones, seen reminiscing here
  49.    The annual announcement of the result of the football match
  52.    The audience goes wild when they hear that the crystallographers have won the SBNet best-of-five football series
  53.    Stefan Knight gets a present from Jenny Berglund on the occasion of his 42nd birthday
  55.    Carl-Ivar Brändén, the "eminence grise" of Swedish structural biology
  56.    Bryce Plapp has just tunneled onto the stage
  57.    Jean-Pierre Samama talks about his many close encounters with the Uppsala police
  58.    Sean Connery - or was it George Lorimer in disguise ???
  59.    Janet Smith shows her holiday snaps
  60.    Wayne "Mr Shirt" Hendrickson explaining how to juggle seven balls at a time
  61.    A standing ovation for Calle
  62.    "Hold the applause !"
  65.    The contestants for the Dombo Funny Face Award (guess who won !)

    12 June, 1999 - Continued scientific discussions

  68.    Johan Åqvist, Alwyn Jones, Gunter Schneider, ...
  69.    Xiao-Dong Su, Emma Jakobsson, Ines Munoz and Mark Harrass
  70.    Richard Neutze, Emma Jakobsson and Ines Munoz

    13 June, 1999 - Early morning

  72.    Looks like they stayed up late last night

    13 June, 1999 - Poster session

  73.    Jenny Sandmark: "Look what a funny cavity !"
  74.    Jenny Sandmark: "There's my active site !"
  75.    Anke Terwisscha Et Cetera
  76.    Tineke Papavoine
  77.    Kenth Johansson drinking Mer, an uncarbonated type of soda (remember that real men make their own bubbles !)
  78.    Kenth Johansson showing what would later turn out to be the winning poster

    13 June, 1999 - Discussion time

  82.    Mats Ormö has switched to juice. For Mathias Eriksson such a course of action probably comes too late ...
  83.    Sanoj Grebneppu and Jin-yu Zou
  84.    Devapriya Choudhury seeking inspiration for tomorrow's lecture in the bar. It appears to have worked, since he won the AstraZeneca SCL award ! (A useful tip for next year's young speakers ?) [Why does his left eye look like that of Arnold Schwarzenegger in "Terminator" ???]

    14 June, 1999 - The last day

  85.    Christina Divne
  87.    Michel Fodje, ...
  88.    Andrej Sali, Janos Hajdu, ... (sorry for all the missing diacritical marks, guys !)
  89.    Devapriya Choudhury, winner of the 1999 AstraZeneca SCL award for his high-entropy oral presentation
  90.    Susanne Witt, winner of the Dombo Award for the Loudest Laugh
  91.    Elles Steensma and her wooden horse

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