SBNet - Tällberg 1998 - The Picture Show

All pictures are available as JPEG files (640 by 480 pixels, some are 480 by 640; file size ~100-150 kB per image). A big "thank you" to Mark Harris, who took these pictures !

Every thumbnail picture is a link to the actual full-size picture. If you click on it, the picture will show up in a window by itself. If you click on another picture, it will go to the same window.

If you have better suggestions for captions, or know who is in each picture, send a mail to Gerard (quote the picture number(s)).

15 May 1998 - added some of Mark H's scanned pictures (bottom of this page)


  1.   Alex Cameron toiling to produce a poster

    Friday night dinner

  2.   Jill Sigrell, Martin Moche, and Derek Ogg
  3.   Andreas Muranyi and company
  4.   Jones et al.
  5.   Stefan Knight's round table
  6.   Dinner with the Dodsons
  7.   Shaodong Dai, Sabah Mahdi, and our roving reporter, Jonas Uppenberg
  8.   Michael "Darling" Sundström dreaming of beer coupons
  9.   Ruben Abagyan just said something very funny to Bauke Dijkstra, Derek Logan, and Marjolein Thunnissen
  10.   Rudolf Ladenstein, Jeff Abrahamson, and So Iwata
  11.   Torleif Härd and Mikael Akke
  12.   The man who took all these pictures (except this particular one, one suspects), Mark "Olive" Harris
  13.   Michael Sundström (still dreaming), Kristina Bäckbro, and Jill Sigrell
  14.   Jonas Uppenberg hands the first draft of his report for "Kemisk Tidskrift/Kemivärlden" to the SBNet coordinator for, what we in Sweden call, "korrekturläsning". Arthur Lesk and Christina Divne drop eaves.
  15.   I'm not good at names, but they seem to be enjoying themselves (each other ?) anyway

    Friday night mixer

  16.   Kenth Johansson cum suis enjoy the after-dinner coffee
  17.   Karin Valegård seems to have been affected by the wine a tad
  18.   As I said, I'm lousy at names
  19.   Karin Kolmodin explains how she bribed the jury for the Astra Award
  20.   Alex Cameron falling asleep while talking to Eleanor Dodson
  21.   Magnus Wolf-Watz discusses tactics for Saturday's football match with some of his team mates
  22.   Ditto, but from a different point of view
  23.   Arthur Lesk and Christina Divne catch a few rays
  24.   Janos Hajdu talking about the giant sardine he once caught
  25.   Deva Choudhury - A man and his beer
  26.   John Marelius had hoped to win the Dombo Prize for the speaker with the whitest teeth
  27.   Tove Sjögren, Arne Elofsson, and Karin Kalmodulin

    Saturday morning

  28.   Alex Cameron has clearly woken up
  29.   The same lot, five seconds later
  30.   Bauke Dijkstra, Helena Käck, and Richard Neutze
  31.   Eleanor Dodson entertaining young Uppsala crystallographers
  32.   Andreas Muranyi and friends
  33.   Anders Åberg and friends
  34.   Ditto, but from a different angle
  35.   Jonas Uppenberg interviews Marjolein Thunnissen
  36.   Overall view of the coffee break
  37.   Eleanor Dodson's round-table tutorial workshop (garden variety)
  38.   The Pharmacia & Upjohn people in this picture are easily recognised by the fact that they all have an empty beer glass in front of them

    Annual football match

  39.   One asymmetric unit of crystallographers warming up
  40.   An ensemble of NMR spectroscopists warming up (but on a very fast time-scale apparently)
  41.   After the kick-off, the crystallographers rush forward
  42.   Heavy assault on the X-ray/EM goal
  43.   And another one ?
  44.   Action in front of the NMR/Modelling goal
  45.   Martin Moche - the new Ronaldo ?
  46.   Bryan Finn about to undergo a conformational change in order to bind a calcium atom (represented as an icosahedron in this figure)
  47.   Still nil-nil
  48.   Another dangerous situation
  49.   Bryan Finn was kept very busy
  50.   Sabah Mahdi almost completed a hat-trick here
  51.   The X-ray substitutes feel that the final whistle is near, and prepare - together with a crowd of exuberant fans - to storm the pitch
  52.   A last-minute substitution to annoy the opponents - psychological warfare is an important component of modern football, and the crystallographers have perfected this art
  53.   A final attempt by the NMR team to get at least one goal

    Saturday night

  54.   Mark Harris and Michael Sundström share an olive during a romantic candle-lit dinner for two
  55.   Anders Liljas and Lennart Nilsson
  56.   Stefan Knight and Guy Dodson (with a humongous glass of beer)
  57.   Alwyn Jones and Stefan Knight
  58.   Stefan Knight and Guy Dodson
  59.   Someone who wanted to remain anonymous (a wish we will respect because he is Guy Dodson)
  60.   Say: "cheeeeese"
  61.   Alex Cameron after the football match: tired, but content
  62.   Les Dodsons
  63.   A not so active sight
  64.   Eleanor Dodson discussing with a handy type
  65.   Eleanor Dodson and Alex Cameron

    Sunday morning and afternoon

  66.   I would have liked to caption this picture: "The importance of being Ernest", until I noticed that the speaker was Bernd van Buuren
  67.   The audience
  68.   A happy participant
  69.   A sunny coffee break
  70.   Random act of vandalism by an unidentified journalist (who was ahead of his time - two hours, to be exact); perhaps someone can explain the true meaning of the expression "coffee break" to him ...
  71.   More impressions of the coffee break
  72.   And more

    Sunday evening

  73.   Why is Alex Cameron in almost every picture taken in the bar ?
  74.   Maria Selmer (previously known as Anders Malmenberg) and friends
  75.   After just one day with his massage-bear, Tomas Hansson managed to get into the Lotus position (we don't know if he managed to get out of it again once his glass was empty)
  76.   In the lounge
  77.   At last: a serious discussion !
  78.   Derek Logan in deep thought
  79.   Another serious discussion ?
  80.   Jonas Uppenberg interviews Göran Persson
  81.   Tomas Lundqvist and Richard Neutze
  82.   Burkhard Rost explains how PHDsec came about
  83.   Björn Kauppi and Helena Käck - just good friends
  84.   Gunter Schneider says: "Ja, hier in Schweden everybody spielt luft-gitarr, but in Dzjermany ve are more cultivated - ve play ze luft-piano, you see !"

    Late entries

  85. Karin Kolmodin, winner of this year's Astra SCL Award
  86. Karin Kolmodin, again
  87. Footwork Coordinator

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