SBNet - CNS Workshop

In February 2000, SBNet organised a workshop on the use of CNS (Crystallography & NMR System). This page contains the original announcement, programme, etc.

Programme Monday 7 February

10:00 - coffee and registration
11:00 - opening and welcome (GK)
11:05 - (1) CNS background and language (PDA)
12:00 - (2) HTML interface (PDA)
13:00 - lunch (not included !)
14:00 - computer room open until 17:00 for individual work, questions, etc. (roughly: 14:00-15:30 for crystallographers and 15:30-17:00 for NMR spectroscopists)
14:00 - (3) Introduction to NMR structure calculation (JK)
15:30 - coffee/tea break
16:00 - (4) Heavy atom location (RWGK)
17:00 - CNS language for advanced users (PDA/RWGK)
18:00 - end of programme

Programme Tuesday 8 February

09:00 - (5) MAD/SAD phasing in CNS (RWGK)
10:00 - (6) Crystallographic refinement (TAD, annealing etc) (PDA)
11:00 - coffee break
11:30 - (7) Topology and Parameters (PDA/GK)
12:30 - lunch (not included !)
14:00 - computer room open until 17:00 for individual work, questions, etc. (roughly: 14:00-15:30 for crystallographers and 15:30-17:00 for NMR spectroscopists)
14:00 - (8) NMR structure calculation (continued) (JK)
15:30 - coffee/tea break
16:00 - (9) Maximum likelihood refinement (PDA)
17:00 - end of programme


The computer practicals will be held in "The Cell". They will be rather unstructured in the sense that you will be given an opportunity to: However, one SGI is attached to a projector, so instructors can demonstrate things to larger groups of people if they wish.

The idea is that while the afternoon NMR lectures are held in the main lecture hall, the X-ray-interested participants can work in the computer lab, and the other way around.

Since there are far more participants than there are computers, please do not occupy the machines too long ! If there are queues, the Uppsala structural biologists are requested to use the computers in their own department rather than those in "The Cell".

During the practicals, there will be one user account per machine (i.e., you will not have a private account !). Please do not change the password of the account you are using, and please do not log out (unless it's coming up to 17:00 hrs.). If you need to be logged in, ask your instructor to type in the appropriate password for you. The accounts are called as shown in the table below.

Since you will not be the only user of any given account, please create a subdirectory (and give it your own name, preferably) to do your work in. Note that "The Cell" is somewhat of a fortress. If you want to transfer files generated during the practicals to your own machine at home, do it by ftp-ing out from "The Cell", since ftp-ing in from your own machine at home probably won't work ! (Moreover, the accounts will be wiped as soon as the workshop is over.)

To be able to run CNS, type the following first:

  source /home/bms/cns_solve_1.0/cns_solve_env  

Machine nameAccount name


Local organisers

How to get to Uppsala ?

If you arrive by plane, you can use the direct bus connection from Arlanda Airport to Uppsala (get off at the railway station; cost 75 SEK; ~35 minutes), or the new rail connection (cost 95 SEK; ~20 minutes).

How to get to the Biomedical Centre ?

From central Uppsala, there are several buses that pass the Biomedical Centre ("Biomedicum", "Dag Hammarskjöldsväg"). Bus 16 leaves from the railway station; others (e.g., 12, 20) leave from the town centre.

For those travelling from Stockholm by car (E4): when you arrive in Uppsala, there is a roundabout ("Gnistarondellen"). Turn left in this roundabout (towards "Centrum/Sjukhus") and follow this road for 4.0 km. Then turn right (onto Dag Hammarskjöldsväg), go straight ahead in the roundabout, and take the first turn to the left. Immediately turn right or left onto one of the parking lots. Parking costs 6 SEK for a full day.

How not to get lost inside the Biomedical Centre ?

See the map below:


The following persons have been awarded an SBNet grant to support their travel and accomodation to attend the CNS workshop to a maximum of 2500 SEK:
  1. Anders Bergkvist (GU)
  2. Daniel Carlsson (GU)
  3. Anders Sandberg (GU)
  4. Martin Laurberg (LU)
  5. Carina Johansson (GU)
  6. Hongwei Guo (Chalmers)
  7. Kristina Nilsson (LU)
  8. Michel Fodje (LU)
  9. Göran Larsson (UmU)
  10. Tineke Papavoine (GU)
  11. Stefan Bäckström (UmU)
  12. Andreas Hörnberg (UmU)
  13. Suparna Sanyal (LU)
  14. Tobias Tengel (UmU)
  15. Talal Gariani (UmU)
  16. Cecilia Engman (GU)
  17. Therese Eneqvist (UmU)
  18. Uwe Sauer (UmU)
  19. Martin Lundqvist (UmU)
Please save your hotel and travel receipts and mail these upon your return (together with a filled-out claim form which you will receive during the workshop) to:

  Structural Biology Network, SBNet
    Dr G J Kleywegt
      Department of Cell and Molecular Biology (ICM)
        Uppsala University
          Biomedical Centre
            Box 596
              751 24 UPPSALA
Please note that the grant will not exceed 2500 SEK, even if your travel and accomodation costs do exceed this amount.

SBNet Latest update at 15 February, 2000.