Programs at BMC : O

Description : O is the ultimate interactive molecular-modelling and map-fitting program.

Official homepage :

Official Manual :

Getting Started :,

Installation history : The OSX and Linux versions are version 10.0.3, Windows 10.0.1, SG is v10.0.0. The AXP version is no longer supported but the last release is still on the ftp server.

NB The latest release can use a job submit system which requires a new directory of files. This is in addition to the usual the O data directory. See Alwyn's homepage for more details

Location : Alwyn no longer keeps the most update versions on the DQS system. You have to get things from the ftp server like everyone else. His last supported version on DQS is for DEC AXP and Linux in /home/alwyn/o/bin

To run : Set up your own envoronment. O needs a bin, data, tmp and job directory as well as various symbols. Here is an example of a minimim set of symbols:

% setenv

Example : See manual.

Responsible person : Alwyn