openmosix_logo The Mos cluster is a openmosix cluster. 

openMosix allows you to join together multiple computers running the Linux operating system, and have them appear to the user as one large multiple-processor computer.
At the moment it has 4 computers now and has no queue system.

To use:

Login on the machine
Copy over all the files that you are going to need for the job, because the batch machines cannot see the files on your local machine. (mos and m45 share disks though, so you can copy your files to either machine).

start your job and send it to background :

prompt#   cns < my.inputfile > my.outpufile   &
prompt#   cns< my_second.inputfile > my_second.outputfile &
prompt#   ccp4i

Copy any output files that you need back to your local machine.