Programs at BMC : Maxit

Description : The MAXIT Program Suite was developed by the PDB (Protein Data Bank) and
NDB (Nucleic Acid Database) to assist in the processing and curation of
macromolecular structure data

Official homepage :

Official manual :

Getting started : 

Installation history : 16-feb-2006  v8.061

Location :  Linux : /pub/prog/Linux/maxit-v8.061

                    Mac OSX  local install ask erling

To run :   linux: 

                               For C shell users:
                                setenv RCSBROOT  /pub/prog/Linux/maxit-v8.061
                                setenv PATH "$RCSBROOT/bin:"$PATH
                                For Bourne users:
                                RCSBROOT=/pub/prog/Linux/maxit-v8.061; export RCSBROOT
                                PATH="$RCSBROOT/bin:"$PATH; export PATH

Examples : 

Notes : 

Responsible person : erling wikman

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