The M45 cluster is composed of 10 compute nodes and 1 server nodes.  All compute nodes are available for code execution.  The servernode  is named M45 , and is the only one that users can log on to. The server is an EUD  server, powered by 1Intel HyperThreaded P4 2.8 GHz CP, and  has 1 GB of RAM.

Each compute node is named compute-x-y, where x is  0  and y ranges from 0 to 10.  These numbers only bear significance for the admins because they specify where the node is physically located in the cluster's racks.  Each compute node is an Intel server, powered by 2 Intel Xeon  2.8 GHz CPU's. All of the compute nodes have 1 GB of RAM.  Each compute node is connected by both a 10/100 and gigabit over copper network. 

The queuing software installed on the cluster is SGE (Sun grid engine).  MPI is also installed .

 To view the cluster activity use Ganglia : http:/m45.bmc.uu.se/ganglia

To use :

Login on the machine m45.bmc.uu.se
Copy over all the files that you are going to need for the job, because the batch machines cannot see the files on your local machine. (mos and m45 share disks though, so you can copy your files to either machine).
Create a command file containing your job instructions, for example :

# This is my com file
refmac HKLIN my_hkl_file XYZIN my_crd_file < my_refmac_file

Then submit the command file to the queue :

prompt# qsub my_command_file

Copy any output files that you need back to your local machine.