Xtrack release notes

Note that the latest release is publically available before it is frozen, so check the date on your copy to see if you have the latest version.
All releases should be backwards compatible with installed databases, so it's very simple to copy over a new xtrack.php and edit the header.
I make small improvements to the code almost daily, without documenting every detail, so it's always worth upgrading if you are having trouble.

See the help file for details of new features.

Release notes for XTRACK v2.1 Not frozen.

1) Crystallisation experiments done with commercial screens can now fill in the reservoir box with the actual components used, rather than just the number of the solution. The best way to do this is via the XtalScreen server in Uppsala, but the recipes can also be loaded into your local database if you wish to be independent of our machines and net connections.

2) Voice recognition support on Mac OSX, using VoiceCommander.

3) Robot support added, with the ability to write recipes and read results through scripts.

4) Ability to upload crystal photos to central archive added.

5) Alphabetic sorting is now done case-insensitively.

6) Searching database for projects incorporated into same form as collection searches, allowing use of the same sort and select parameters.

7) Users can now always edit records that belong to themselves, even if they otherwise only have READALL privilege. This allows for safe entry of data through a group user account. When that data is later adopted by a true group member, the group user can no longer modify the data.

8) When an image is uploaded to the system upload area from the crystallisation results page, Xtrack now makes a thumbnail of the image that it stores in an adjacent directory, in order to avoid having to transfer the full-sized image until it is needed.
This procedure requires that the GD library is installed for PHP. If you do not have this installed, set the variable $thumbDirName = "", and Xtrack will skip the thumbnail creation.
9) A barcode field was added to the crystallisation plate header.

Release notes for XTRACK v2.0 16 May 2003

1) Support for documentation of crystallisation trials added.

Release notes for XTRACK v1.02 18 Nov 2002

1) New pages added for Cloning and Purification. New fields added to Expression page.

2) New facility for uploading files to permanent archive area on server. Currently only implemented for image and protocol fields. Links in image fields shown as thumbnails linked to full-sized image.

3) Ability for users to list projects added. Project, group and lab listings now include lists of subordinate entries.

4) Ability to edit project entries.

5) Cookies implemented for remembering passwords and colour preferences

Release notes for XTRACK v1.01 8 April 2002

1) Option added to open a new window on another collection during viewing and editing.

by Mark Harris