The Joystick Projects

These are attempts to find a substitute for the expensive, non-intuitive dials boxes that we use to drive molecular-graphics programs, primarily on DEC Alpha and Silicon Graphics workstations.

The main program of interest is O, which is driven by X, and so all the drivers for these joysticks deliver "ClientMessage" events that can be picked up by an X program. See the individual descriptions for details.

That bit about X is not true anymore. The NT version of O uses GLut, so a new approach has been taken. You can read about progress on that front under liborb, but it's probably only of interest to developers.

A family photo
The Nintendo joystick
The Sony Playstation 'analog'
The Microsoft Sidewinders
The SpaceBall
The SpaceMouse
The SpaceOrb
Getting and installing the SpaceOrb code
Setting up the SpaceOrb as a user
User feedback on the SpaceOrb

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