Ray-traced O image, using plt_pov and POV-Ray

Ray-traced O file

How it was made

This image was created from an O plot file by running plt_pov to create a POV-Ray input file, which was then fed into the popular ray tracer, POV-Ray.

For more details on these programs, see the plt_pov page.

The whole procedure for the image above was as follows :

% ono (then output a plot file called cbh_demo.plt)
% plt_pov -in=cbh_demo.plt -out=cbh_demo.pov -objects=\"C10 HB GLC S CPK DISP N O\"
(copy template file, rename to cbh_wrapper.pov, and change all.pov to cbh_demo.pov)
% x-povray -i cbh_wrapper.pov -o cbh_demo.tga +q9 +a +w400 +h400
% imconv cbh_demo.tga cbh_demo.gif

Note that the banded colours you see here are caused by having to index to 256 colours for the web, and that the original tiff file is much smoother.

There are some more examples of what can be done with POV-Ray here.

Mark Harris, 20 Jun '99