Magic stereo of cellobiose

Secret Stereo cellobiose

This image was made because I was bored waiting for a map to calculate.

The Gimp has a routine for making these magic-eye streograms (Filters-->Render-->MagicEye). You feed it two images, a texture for the background, and a grey-scale image of your subject where the closest parts are darkest and the furthest parts are lightest, and out pops one of these.
Use a finely-detailed texture, and a simple subject, and leave some space at the left-hand side of the subject or it will get cut off.
In case you haven't met these things before, you're supposed to stare at the picture, relax your eyes so that they stop converging, and out will pop a 3-D image. If it doesn't work sober, try after a couple of beers.

Mark Harris, Mar '99

(Image Processing notes)