Animations from O (advanced)

Animation from O

How it was made

This image was made to illustrate the catalytic mechanism of CBH2. To do this I built models of each of 6 stages of catalysis in O, and used oplot to produce PostScript files of each one. These I read into The Gimp and saved to a multi-layer GIF with an 500ms delay between the images.

I also constructed a JavaScript program that can step through the individual frames saved as separate gif files, which I may describe some other time. You can at least see it by clicking on the picture above.

To assist in creating animated GIFs in The Gimp, I have written a script to read in a series of files into different layers. It can be accessed from Gimp's toolbox through <Xtns>/MRH/ganimate.
However, there is a bug which causes it to fail with mysterious messages most of the time. The only consistent way to run it is to restart gimp, run ganimate once, watch it fail, then run it again, and it will work. Try it a third time and it will fail. Weird.
A bottle of beer to anyone who can find the bug in the code.

To make MPEG files (if you can cope with their ugliness), first convert each image to PNM format with imconv, then use mpeg_encode :
% imconv -infile myfile.myext -outfile myfile.pnm
% mpeg_encode movie.inp

Mark Harris, Sep '98/Apr '99