Animations from O

Animation from O (simple)
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How it was made

This image was made to illustrate the opening and closing of the loop in CBH2, starting with two objects superimposed in O. To do this I first displayed one object, grabbed the whole O window with xv, and saved this as a GIF. Then I repeated for the other object, taking the whole window again to ensure alignment of the images later.

These images I then read into separate windows in The Gimp. In one window I created a new layer with the "layers" option, and I cut and pasted the second window into the new layer. Then I cropped both images to lose the unsightly borders, and saved to a multi-layer GIF with a 500ms delay between the images.
When viewed with Netscape v4.0 or higher, the image will animate when embedded in a page, but with older versions it must be viewed on a page by itself.

On to more advanced animations

Mark Harris, Sep '98