New HIC-Up Server Available !!!

There is a new, all-inclusive HIC-Up server available that will generate in one go all the dictionaries etc. that used to be generated by the various separate servers. Please try it out and send your comments !

Ye Olde Uppsala XDICT Server

Welcome to the Uppsala XDICT Server. XDICT is a service which will take a PDB file you submit, and run the program XPLO2D to generate X-PLOR/CNS topology and parameter files for the (first) residue in the PDB file. The resulting files will be sent to you by E-mail.

If all goes well, you will receive the following files:

Please read the XPLO2D Manual for more information. In particular, check the section which explains the contents of the files produced by the program, and the one dealing with the interpretation of warning messages.

Your input PDB file may contain multiple copies of your hetero-entity (to get better, or at least more, statistics for bond lengths, angles, etc.)

Note that this service runs the program with (sensible) default values for most of the program's parameters. If you want more control, you will need to run the program yourself.

Latest update: 19 August, 2002.

Enter the name of your PDB file. The residue for which you want to generate X-PLOR/CNS files must be the first residue in this file.

Provide a single character that will be used to generate atom type names. For instance, if you supply an "X", your carbon types will be CX1, CX2, etc.
Character ?

Enter the E-mail address (in the form: user@machine.domain.country) to which the resulting files (XPLO2D output, PDB and X-PLOR/CNS files) should be sent.

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