HIC-Up Mirrors

HIC-Up is now mirrored at two locations in Madrid, Spain at URL: http://www.xtal.iqfr.csic.es/hicup/ and http://sci.cnb.uam.es/Services/MolBio/hic-up.

Mirroring this site is encouraged. A list of mirror sites will be maintained here. HIC-Up is updated once or twice a year.

Latest version of HIC-Up available: Release 12.1, dated 2008-03-01, containing 7,870 compounds, archive size ~210 MB compressed, and ~1.4 GB uncompressed.

To set up a HIC-Up mirror:

  1. ftp the HIC-Up distribution (gzip-ed tar file)
  2. move the file to the location where you want it (e.g., your local ~www directory)
  3. type: gunzip hicup.tar.gz to uncompres the file
  4. type: tar xovpf hicup.tar to extract the "hicup" directory tree
  5. type: rm hicup.tar to delete the tar file
  6. edit the file hicup/quickxs.html and change the lines pointing to 'hicup_site' so that it points to your site instead. If you have a reasonably recent version of the HIC-Up site, this line looks as follows: <INPUT TYPE="hidden" NAME="hicup_site" VALUE="http://xray.bmc.uu.se/hicup">. Note: this line occurs twice in the file and needs to be changed twice as well !
  7. send an E-mail to Gerard to let him know that you have set up a mirror (don't forget to include the URL as well as the city/state/country in which your site is located)

Latest update at 3 March, 2008.