HIC-Up - Disclaimer !

  1. Please realise that the provider of this web site is not a manufacturer or a broker of chemicals or pharmaceuticals ! See the page of links if you want to sell or purchase such commodities, or have a look at sites such as R&D Chemicals, ChemYahoo.com, ChemACX.com, CheMarket.com or ChemStore.com or ChemicalRegister.com. Do not mail me !

  2. Please realise that the provider of HIC-Up is not an expert on the chemistry and/or biology and/or pharmacology of each and every compound included here. So please use other information sources to answer such (homework) questions. (Use the page of links or the HetSEL service.)

  3. Please realise that the files on this site are provided "as-is". The provider of this web-site makes no claims as to their usefulness or correctness.

  4. Please realise that the coordinates of the hetero-compounds on this site are extracted from existing PDB entries. Hence, they are likely to be less reliable than the structure of these compounds in isolation as determined by ("small molecule") X-ray crystallography. In addition, sometimes atoms are missing, for instance because they were not visible in the electron density maps. HIC-Up uses the heuristic that the instance of a compound found in the PDB with the highest nominal resolution is probably the most complete and reliable, but this is not always the case.

  5. If you find mistakes that are caused by errors in the parent PDB entry, please notify the RCSB/PDB (instead of me). If they fix the PDB entry, the problem will probably disappear at the next HIC-Up update.
As always: "caveat emptor", your mileage may vary, etc.

Latest update at 22 February, 2007.