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Quickstart Guide

A small guide on how to use the graphical interface has been added to the Documentation section of Hawk.

New hawk release 10.08.26

A new release of Hawk in online. It includes better integrated documentation and many other small improvements.
I've posted sources as well as Linux and MacOSX binaries.
I've also uploaded the updated sources for libspimage.
I also updated the online doxygen documentation for libspimage.
Enjoy the rest of the summer!

New hawk release 10.03.06

I've just uploaded a new release of Hawk. This time the graphical interface is much improved and there is CUDA support for Linux and Mac OSX.
You can download the binaries from the usual page. Enjoy!

libspimage updated

I've uploaded a new version of libspimage after Chris Roome brought to my attention that it was impossible to compile the new hawk release with the old libspimage (thanks for the tip).

No radical changes, just a better code organization and some new data structures.

I've dropped the statically compiled libraries as they are now included in the binary packages of hawk.

Here's the direct download link

New Release

After a long time in development we've released a new version of Hawk!

This time I went the extra mile and made binary packages for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux so that no one feels left out. Also included in this version there is a new shiny graphical interface for the reconstruction part to make the process as painless as possible. As usual with any complex piece of new software I fully expect quite a few bugs in it, so please don't be shy to report them.

I've tested the packages in Windows XP and 7, Mac OS X 10.4/10.5, Debian Etch/Lenny/Sid 32/64 Bit, Fedora 10 32/64 Bit, Suse 11 32/64 Bit. But it is certain that there are problems left undiscovered, so if you have any problems just send an email.

That said, here's a link to the actual files

Data Analysis Wiki Created!

I just created a wiki to allow everyone to put front their ideas about Data Analysis.
The first goal is to try to come up with a data format to share the data.

You can access the wiki from the Hawk menu on the left or go to

Website bug

I just fixed a bug in the download page for libspimage. The page was displaying old versions of libspimage instead of the current version making it impossible to compile the program. The bug is now hopefully gone.

If you had problems compiling hawk against libspimage please check the libspimage that you are using and make sure it matches the current one on the website.

Hawk 1.22 released

Hawk 1.22 has just been released to fix an annoying fake error message("Unsupported file type:") when the program was started.
The manual was also updated to fix a small typo (changed ring_raw.h5 to raw_ring.h5).

Hawk 1.21 released

Hawk 1.21 has just been released to fix a small bug related with fixed support mask.

Site redesign

The site has been redesigned to make updating easier. I hope all the content is still easy to find, and you like the new looks.

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