Setting up Netscape for Rasmol

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To do this practical you will need a web-browser, and a helper application or plug-in for visualising structures in so-called PDB format (for example, RasMol or Chime). We recommend that you use RasMol, a program for simple visualisation of structures. This requires that you have set up the MIME types chemical/x-pdb and application/x-rasmol correctly. You can quickly test if your browser is set up correctly by going here and following the instructions. If you don't get the proper results, continue below to set up the necessary MIME types.

SGI workstations

To add or edit MIME types on an SGI using Netscape 4.x, select "Preferences" from the Netscape "Edit" menu. Then select "Applications", listed under category "Navigator". Hit the "New" (or "Edit") button and type in the information shown in the two screendumps below:

chemical/x-pdb to application "xterm -e rasmol -pdb %s"


application/x-rasmol to application "xterm -e rasmol -script %s"


Windoze toys

In a Windows environment (using Netscape 4.75 and Rasmol 2.7.1), the following may work for RasMol scripts: go to the menu "Edit" and follow the path: "Preferences -> Navigator -> Applications -> New Type ->". There are four fields to be filled in like this:

If nothing else works, you can always use your browser's "Save link as ..." option to save PDB files and RasMol scripts to disk. To display saved PDB files, start up RasMol and then type "load <name_of_pdb_file>". To execute RasMol scripts that you have saved, type "script <name_of_script_file>".

Mac OS X

I'm not sure how to run Rasmol as a helper under Mac OS X. However, a more roundabout method that works (and requires Rasmol to be installed, e.g., as part of CCP4) is:

Test your set-up

Please test if your set-up is correct by using the two links shown below (if you don't get the proper result, or if you are unsure, consult your tutor):

Test of MIME-type chemical/x-pdb (PDB file)

When you click on THIS LINK you should get to see something resembling this picture.

Test of MIME-type application/x-rasmol (RasMol script)

When you click on THIS LINK you should get to see something resembling this picture.

Latest update at 7 February, 2006.