Harry Plotter - Quo Vadis ?

This page should hopefully launch "Harry Plotter", a Java-based plotting program that will automatically load the data from the Quo Vadis study. The program should be fairly intuitive to use, with the possible exception of:

  1. To zoom in, use the left mouse button and move down and to the right
  2. To zoom out, use the left mouse button and move up and to the left
  3. If you enable links, you can click on a point in the plot with the right mouse button. If there are one or more data points nearby, this will throw up a pop-up menu with their PDB codes. Select one and hit the left mouse button - this will open a new browser window with the appropriate page at the RCSB-PDB web site. (On a Mac, press the Apple key and the poor lonesome mousebutton simultaneously.)

Note: the HTML code on this page may not work with all combinations of hardware and browser. If it doesn't run on in one browser, try another. If it doesn't run on a certain machine type, try another.

Harry Plotter was written by Mårten Wahlberg and uses the PTPLOT package.

No Java 2 SDK, Standard Edition v 1.3 support for APPLET!!!!