Stanford-Sweden multiresolution Molecular simulation workshop

20-22 June 2011, Uppsala University, Sweden


This workshop brings together scientists from the Bay Area, Sweden, and the wider world to discuss late-breaking research on simulation of macromolecules and complexes, spanning levels of resolution from coarse to fine. We will discuss structure prediction, dynamics, sampling, assembly, and aggregation from both a computational and experimental perspective. We will also give tutorials on simulation software, such as SimTK Simbody, DOCK_Blaster, and MMB/RNABuilder.

Advance registration is required to attend tutorials, but there is no charge for this.  You may attend the talks without registering and without paying any fees. All costs are borne by STINT and the Swedish taxpayers, with our compliments.   

Venue:  Talks will be held in the Svedberg lecture hall, Biomedical Center, Husargatan 3, Uppsala.  Tutorials will be held in smaller rooms to be determined.

Call for abstracts:  We are not considering additional talks at this time.  We can still accomodate poster presentations (see “Posters” page). 


Recommended hotels are:

This is convenient, just across from the train station.  It is a full service hotel with 24 hour concierge.  When making your reservation, specify that you are visiting Uppsala University for this workshop and request the discounted rate.

This is a brand-new hotel (built in March) which is across the street from Hotel Svava and thus equally convenient, but cheaper.  Assemble or cook your own breakfast from a well stocked fridge, pantry, and espresso machine, included in your room rate.  Front desk is staffed 24 hours.  Mention our workshop at Uppsala University and ask for the 15% discounted rate.

This place is just a few blocks farther away. It is a sister hotel to Hotell Centralstation, and similarly priced so a great option if the latter is full. Breakfast arrangement and workshop discount is the same as for Hotell Centralstation.   For Kungsängstorg, however, you should watch out for the restricted front desk hours.


Uppsala is about 15 minutes from Arlanda airport by train.  You can buy tickets at the information desk at the airport, after you exit customs. 

Buses 1,8,20,110,111, and 115 leave from the train station (Centralstationen, on driveway between Kungsgatan and the station) and stop in front of BMC (Uppsala Science Park). Ask the operator when boarding, Centralstationen is organized in a somewhat counterintuitive manner. You can pay on board with a credit card if it has a chip (30SEK per ride) or buy a bus card in Centralstationen (75 SEK refundable deposit, 16 SEK per ride). The first morning, you may want to have the front desk call a taxi for you.

Contact Samuel Flores at samuel.flores _at_, +46-018-471-4536

Sweden extends its warm welcome to the delegates from the United States, Spain, Israel, Poland, France, Greece, Iraq, and other countries.


Confirmed speakers and instructors:  Michael Levitt, Arieh Warshel, Erik Lindahl,  Juan Fernández-Recio, Janusz Bujnicki, Samuel Flores, Julie Bernauer, Michael Sherman, Peter Eastman, Dahlia Weiss, Gaurav Chopra, Henry van dem Bedem, Kaja Milanowska