Threading the Group I Intron

In this paper, we created a “frankenstein” molecule using the core from Twort (yellow) and tetraloop-receptor motifs from Tetrahymena (red). We used this as a threading target to recapitulate the structure of the Azoarcus ribozyme (blue). 

Bio tid!

Packing the RNA genome into Tobacco Necrosis Satellite Virus

Using internal coordinates, we packed the 1200-residue genome into the TNSV capsid.  Part of the process was clash removal, which was done in 345 simultaneous jobs, one of which is shown here.

Telomerase in action

In our recent PSB paper, we combined structural and biochemical information about telomerase to show the process of  telomere extension. We also provided a likely explanation for the function of several residues which are mutated in patients with telomerase deficiency diseases.