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Some of our editorial staff are very active on various work-related bulletin boards. But sometimes their contributions are less than helpful. One famous example is the (first-ever ?) protein crystallography April fool's day joke about a wonderful program called APRIL. Others are listed on this page.

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The following could be read on 2 February, 2008:


On 18 December, 2007, words were put into the mouth of our chairman. He responded thusly:


On 17 December, 2007, a virus spammed this message on ccp4-dev:

On 28 February, 2007, a virus spammed this message:
Once again, our intrepid CEO applied his linguistic skills to offer an English translation for the Portuguesely-challenged:

On 24 January, 2007, someone asked an innocuous question, namely what the "B" in "B-factor" stands for. One of our editors replied thusly:

On 28 April 2006, one of our editors tried to explain where the magical number 2 (as in I-over-sigma-cut-off) came from:

On 27 April 2005, one of our editors' brain got into an endless loop and smoke came out of his ears when he tried to follow instructions:

A little later on 1 April, 2005 (see below), the following was posted on the CCP4 bulletin board:

On 1 April, 2005, "Yoram A. Puius, MD, PhD" launched a thread on the CCP4 bulletin board about cat crystallography. For once, one of our editors produced a constructive contribution.
The attached picture looked like this:

On 16 February, 2005, one of our editors suddenly realised how old and out-of-date he had become ...

On 25 October, 2004, once again a Dutchman had to explain the proper meaning of Greek words in the English language to a Greek (Anonymoussaka Perrakis):

On 1 April, 2004, CD listed some of the songs he would like to see on a "Crystallography - Greatest Hits - Vol. 1" CD:

On 7 May, 2003, Steve Ernst repented on the O-info list:
Swedish charity organisations responded immediately:

On 1 April, 2003, one of our editors issued a safety warning:

On 26 February, 2003, a debate raged over the existential question if robots can be artists. Of course, one of our editors (or, rather, his auto-reply script) added his two cents worth:

On 20 February 2003, a spelling debate raged on the CCP4 bulletin board (clue: "f" = "ph"):

After a relatively quiet year 2002, on 11 February 2003 one of our editors replied to a post by Gérard Bricogne on the use of the Latin expressions ab initio and de novo on the CCP4 bulletin board:

On 22 October, 2001, one of our editors once again managed to antagonise a large number of people through a rather innocuous anti-BS posting on the CCP4 bulletin board:
(For more information about the proper use of apostrophes in the English language, see the site of a recent Ig Nobel Prize winner, the Apostrophe Protection Society.)

Some of the responses received:

Reply to the reply:
And with friends like these who needs enemies:
Finally, CAPS forces retaliated:
Reply to the reply:
Reply to the reply:
Reply to the reply to the reply:
Reply to the reply:
About a month later, on 20 November 2001, the following appeared as a post scriptum to a posting on the O-info mailing list:

This was posted on the CCP and O bulletin boards by someone who is obviously not a friend of Bill Gates (27 July, 2001):

This is how one of our editors tries to recruit post-docs (12 March, 2001):

The following could be read on the CCP4-developers mailing list on 21 February, 2001:
To which "Airlie" replied:
Kevin Cowtan replied:
After which it was pointed out that:
Anastassis Perrakis replied (in a private mail):
To which he received the following reply:

On 21 February, 2001, all the way at the bottom of a posting to the O-info mailing list, the following appeared:

The following appeared on the CCP4 bulletin board in the early hours of 9 February, 2001 (the subject line says it all, really):

When Phil Evans complained about submission of plain text postings to the O-info list as attachments, this followed (all on 5 December, 2000):
To which Phil Jeffrey replied:

The following message appeared on the CCP4 mailing list on 4 December, 2000:

On 31 May, 2000, readers of the PDB mailing list were treated to the following altercation:

This was posted (in reply to yet another job advertisement) on the CCP4 mailing list on 14 April, 2000:

This was posted (in reply to a job advertisement in French) on the CCP4 mailing list on 13 March, 2000:
Later that day, the following follow-up message was posted:

This was posted on the X-PLOR mailing list on 4 December, 1999:

Once (Wed, 30 Jun 1999) upon a CCP4 bulletin board message, one of our editors posted:

On 29 April, 1999, the following was sent to subscribers to the X-PLOR mailing list:

On the 12 March, 1999, the CCP4 bulletin boarders could read this:

On 12 March 1999, a very long mail (entirely in Italian !) was posted to the X-PLOR mailing list:
To this one of our editors responded:

On the CCP4 bulletin board the following question was submitted on Wed, 18 Nov 1998:
To which one of our editors replied:

This little gem was found on the CCP4 bulletin board on 17 Nov 1998:

On 12 June, 1998, the following materialised on the O-info bulletin board:

On 10 June 1998, the following was posted to the CCP4 bulletin board:
One of our editors was quick to point out the flawed logic:

Way back in 1996 (26 Sep), readers of the X-PLOR bulletin board could read:

In December 1995, the name of the rebuilding tutorial was decided by the O-info bulletin board members. These were the candidates:

And in February of 1994 loads of people got terribly offended by the name of the first O tutorial (here):

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