Curriculum vitae Thomas Alwyn Jones (170118)

Present Work Address

Professor Emeritus of Structural Biology, Uppsala University, Sweden, 2014 - present.

Institute of Cell and Molecular Biology,

Biomedical Centre, Box 596,

S-751 24 Uppsala, Sweden

Tel: -46-18-4714982

Fax: -46-18-536971

Fax private: -46-18-360454


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Prizes & Honours

1. Layton Research Prize l969 awarded to a final year student in the Physics

Department of King's College, London.

2. The Svedberg Prize l986 awarded by the Swedish Royal Academy of Sciences.

National Committee for Biochemistry and the Swedish Biochemistry Society.

3. Norblad-Ekstrand Medal 1992 awarded by the Swedish Chemical Society.

4. Fellow of the Royal Society, 1992.

5. Göran Gustafssons Prize in Biology, 1993.

6. EMBO fellow, 1993.

7. Foreign member Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, 2000.

8. Aminoff Prize 2003 awarded by the Swedish Royal Academy of Sciences.

9. Patterson Award of the American Crystallographic Association 2005

Scientific Committee Membership

1.  Swedish Natural Science Research Council Priority Committee in Chemistry, 1986-92.

2. European Association for Crystallography in Molecular Biology, l986-90.

3. Science Advisory Committee (SAC), European Molecular Biology Laboratory, 1992-97. Vice-chairman SAC 1995-97

4. Chairman of the beam allocation pannel at the EMBL outstation at Hamburg, 1994-97

5. Stiftelsen för Strategisk Forskning General Bioscience expert group member, ~1994-96.

6. Member of the Bioinformatics Advisory Committee of EMBL, 1996-2000

7. Programme Director, Structural Biology Network of the Strategic Research Foundation, 1996-2004

8. Science Advisory Committee (SAC) of European Synchrotron Research Facility (ESRF), Grenoble, 1996-1998

9. Member beam allocation panel ESRF, 1997-1998

10. SAC Wallenberg Wood Biotechnology Centre, KTH, Stockholm, 1997-2001.

11. Chairman EBI’s Macromolecular Structure Database advisory committee, 1998-2001

12. Docent Committee of the Technical and Natural Sciences Faculty, Uppsala University, 1999-2005

  1. 13.Chairman Scientific Advisory Board, MRC Oxford Protein Production Facility, University of Oxford, 2002-2007

  2. 14.Promotions Committee of the Technical and Natural Sciences Faculty, Uppsala University, 2008-2011

Editorial Board Membership

1. Proteins:  Structure, Function and Genetics,  l986-97

2. Current Biology; Macromolecular Structures, 1990-97

3. Acta Crystallographica A & D 1992-2002

4. Structure, 1993-2012

Invited Lectures: If I include students and collaborators, there are 128 (but I do not keep a very accurate count).

Publications: My total number of publications according to ISI is ~158 (Spring 2015; with this advanced search {(au= jones ta and cu=sweden) or (au=jones ta and ci=martinsried)} but it misses 3 papers (#6,  #15, #28) with ~300 citations since they were published as Jones A.). According to my CV (including book chapters etc. ) the total is 164 and one patent. I have an h-index of  >= 64 (i.e. 64 of my publications have been cited at least 64 times or more), and over 32,000 citations in total (Spring 2015). According to Noorden  et al.  (Nature 2014, 514, X-Y) #55 is among the 100 most highly cited papers of all time, for a while at least.

PhD Student Examinations

Per Kraulis 1988

Juha Rouvinen 1990

Christine Divne 1994

Jonas Uppenberg 1994

Jin-yu Zou 1995 (joint with S.L. Mowbray)

Neel Chauduri 1998 (joint with S.L. Mowbray)

Martin Hallberg 2002

Mats Sandgren 2003

Anna Larsson 2006 (co-supervisor J. Ståhlberg)

Patrik Johansson 2006 (co-supervisor S.L. Mowbray)

Adrian Suarez 2008 (co-supervisor, supervisor S.L. Mowbray)

Wojciech Krajewski 2008 (co-supervisor, supervisor S.L. Mowbray)

Alina Castell 2008 (co-supervisor, supervisor Torsten Unge)

Christofer Björkelid 2012 (co-supervisor S.L. Mowbray)

Anna Jansson 2013 (co-supervisor S.L. Mowbray)